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Internal Environmental Quality Monitoring

SMG Services allows you to assess the Internal Air Quality of your outlet thus, ensuring adequate hygiene and ultimate customer comfort.

Data Collection

SMG uses best of breed HOBO® data loggers for assessing key parameters of you Internal Environment. It covers temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, CO2, etc.

Data Analysis

A team of experts analyzes collected information: the result is a thorough diagnosis of the internal air quality, proper ventilation, proper extraction of contaminated air, and obviously, temperature and humidity comfort.

Key Benefits

By monitoring and maintaining an excellent Internal Environmental Quality in your restaurant outlet, you can:
  • Optimize your energy consumption for best result.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction and comfort
Target Customers

In addition to restaurant outlets, the IAQ and IEQ monitoring services benefit:
  • Hospitals with stringent hygiene requirements.
  • Hotels seeking to achieve international "brand" requirements.