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Solar PV Management

SMG monitoring solution for Solar PV power plants allows you to assess in real-time the performance of each component of your installation. A web-based monitoring solution allows you to remotely collect energy performance data of each component and set alarm triggers to proactively identify problems and locate sources of decrease in performance.

Measurements and Data Logging

Data collected from Power Meters, DC Current and Voltage sensors and sunlight sensor is consolidated into rugged, double-weatherproof data loggers / remote monitoring systems (The HOBO® U30) adapted for long-term use in harsh environments. Sensors are placed at each phase of the power generation cycle (i.e. PV panels arrays output, battery banks output, inverter output, etc.) to help locate sources of decrease in performance.

Remote Connectivity

HOBO® U30 features web-based communications (Via Ethernet or WIFI), and a wide range of plug-and-play Smart Sensors. Component monitoring data is secured centrally for simple and accurate reporting and monitoring.

Data Collection

Data can be securely accessed and downloaded anywhere and anytime in many formats including comma separated value (csv). In addition, alarms can be configured to alert maintenance engineers/technicians about decrease in performance.

Key Benefits

By continuously measuring, logging and storing the performance of each component of your installation, you can:
  • Evaluate component efficiency
  • Pro-actively maintain your installation at high performance levels
  • Minimize maintenance time by locating sources of decrease in performance
In addition, you will be able to:
  • Have and publish your data online for real-time remote access
  • Have real and accurate data of solar power production for detailed net-metering calculations
Target Customers

In addition to large Solar PV plants, the SMG monitoring Service benefits:
  • Small (individual home scale) Solar PV systems
  • Large Wind turbine Power plants
  • Small (individual home scale) wind turbine systems
  • Geothermal energy systems
  • Solar-Thermal energy systems