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Multi Tenant Environment

SMG Submetering for Tenants Billing service allows you to bill energy consumption to your tenants, to monitor your common area consumption and thus avoid lost opportunity cost through unbilled energy. SMG's web-based submetering solution allows you to remotely collect energy consumption per tenant, accessed securely via a secure energy cloud (The HOBOLink®)

Data Collection

Data collected from power meters, BTU meters, water meters and other sensors is consolidated into rugged, double- weatherproof data loggers / remote monitoring systems (The HOBO® U30) adapted for long-term use in harsh environments.

Remote Connectivity

HOBO® U30 features web-based communications (Via Ethernet or WIFI), and a wide range of plug-and-play sensors. Tenants consumption data is secured centrally for simple and accurate reporting and billing.

Data Collection

Data can be securely accessed and downloaded anywhere and anytime in many formats including comma separated value (csv) format to automate billing procedure. In addition, alarms can be configured to alert tenants about over consumption when user-defined thresholds are exceeded.

Key Benefits

By continuously measuring, logging and storing the energy consumption of all tenants in your facility, you can:
  • Implement a billing system based on real consumption
  • Provide your tenants with a monitoring ability over their energy consumption in nearly real time
  • Easily and accurately bill your tenants
In addition, you will be able to:
  • Monitor and manage your common area energy consumption
  • Set energy saving targets
  • Monitor your facility internal environmental quality
  • Proactively identify Electro Mechanical components failures
Target Customers

In addition to Multi Tenants Malls, the SMG Sub metering and Tenants Billing Service benefits:
  • Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Multi Tenant Facilities for cost allocation
  • Resorts
  • Marinas